Caring and Professional Massage
for you and all your animals
                Canine Massage Therapy
                                Available at WaterWorkz Paw Spa and in the comfort of your home.




     Animal massage modalities have been used as a complimentary, well-being service to all animals since the dawn of time.  Massage techniques service our animal community, and the guardians that love them, by using gentle, non-invasive techniques to create a mind/body/spirit connection.  It is this connection that aids the body on emotional and physical levels by creating relaxation, toxin release, flexibility, range of motion and more.


     The reasons for partaking of Animal Massage range from simply maintaining you canine companion's level of regular routing to enhancing fitness and prevention of  injury for those that compete, perform or work; to rehabilitation, aiding through lifestyle transitions, geriatrics and end-of-life to list a few.


     JEMS Animal Massage Services specializes in the support of the canine athlete through all stages of the dog's career.  Whether you are just starting out and your dog is using muscles at a higher level than before or you need to help prevent injury during the long competition season, having a regular massage as part of your training routine will help extend you dog's career by decreasing the risk of injury and speeding the recovery time between shows or trials.


     JEMS Animal Massage Services is proud to be the new in-house canine massage therapist at WaterWorkz Paw Spa in Burnaby, BC.  At this relaxing and inviting facility your dog can enjoy a professional massage, have a warm water therapeutic swim or visit the in-house Holistic Veterinarian, Dr. Sue Pollen.  WaterWorkz Paw Spa is located at 3831 STill Creek Ave, Burnaby, BC.  There are regular appointments every day by appointment. Please call to secure your preferred appointment.  Or if you prefer, in-house appointments are also available.