Caring and Professional Massage
for you and all your animals
Jolena Kusec, BSc(Agr), REMT, SAMP, CCMP






I have always been drawn to animals especially horses and dogs and I always wanted to help.  The path to massage started after high school.  I completed a 2yr Diploma of Agricultural Science in Western Horsemanship at Lakeland College.  This course was a complete education on the care and training of the western horse.  After working on a training farm for a number of months I discovered that training other people's horses was not enough,  I wanted to help them more. 

So, I returned home and completed my Bachelors of  Agricultural Science at UBC and was determined to get into Vet school.  At this point that was the only way I could come up with to help animals.  I even moved to Nova Scotia for a year to try to get into the PEI school.  When that didn't materialize, I spent many weeks looking for another way.  Finally, in the back of a horse magazine I found an ad for an equine massage course in Florida.  That got me looking for a Canadian school and I found the D'AL School of Equine Massage Therapy in London, ON.  



What drew me to this school was the indepth education that they were offering.  It is a 2200hr,  2 year diploma course that is equivalent to the education that a registered massage therapist receives but geared toward the horse.  After completing the course in 2000,  I took and passed my board exams to from the International Federation of Registered Equine Massage Therapist.  I moved back to BC and started massaging horses.  I found that massage was very popular at horse shows.  While there many riders would come up to me and say if the got down on all fours would I give them a massage.  Because of the regulations of being an REMT, I was not able to provide this service.  But the idea of being able to offer relief to the riders as well as their horses would not go away.  In 2007,  I found a intensive 2 week, 100hr relaxational chair massage course by Relax-to-the-Max.  Since then, I have been offering both equine massage therapy and relaxational chair massage to the people of the Faser Valley and Lower Mainland.



In 2011, I became certified in Small Animal Massage from the NorthWest School of Animal Massage.  I specialize in sports massage for the canine athlete and in animal rehabilitation massage for dog and cats recovering from injuries.