Caring and Professional Massage
for all your animals
Jolena Kusec, BSc(Agr), Dip EMT






I have always been drawn to animals especially horses and dogs and I have always wanted to help.  The path to massage started after high school.  I completed a 2yr Diploma of Agricultural Science in Western Horsemanship at Lakeland College.  This course was a complete education on the care and training of the western horse.  After working on a training farm for a number of months I discovered that training other people's horses was not enough,  I wanted to help them more. 

So, I returned home and completed my Bachelors of  Agricultural Science at UBC and was determined to get into Vet school.  At this point that was the only way I could come up with to help animals.  I even moved to Nova Scotia for a year to try to get into the PEI school.  When that didn't materialize, I spent many weeks looking for another way.  Finally, in the back of a horse magazine I found an ad for an equine massage course in Florida.  That got me looking for a Canadian school and I found the D'AL School of Equine Massage Therapy in London, ON.  



What drew me to this school was the indepth education that they were offering.  It is a 2200hr,  2 year diploma course that is equivalent to the education that a registered massage therapist receives but geared toward the horse.  After completing the course in 2000,  I took and passed my board exams from the International Federation of Registered Equine Massage Therapists, and became certified.  I moved back to BC and started massaging horses.  I found that massage was very popular at horse shows.  While there many riders would come up to me and say if the got down on all fours would I give them a massage.  Because of the regulations of being a member of the International Federation of Registered Equine Massage Therapists, I was not able to provide this service.  But the idea of being able to offer relief to the riders as well as their horses would not go away.  In 2007,  I found a intensive 2 week, 100hr relaxation chair massage course by Relax-to-the-Max.  Since then, I have been offering both equine massage therapy and relaxation chair massage to the people of the Faser Valley and Lower Mainland.



In 2011, I became certified as in Canine Massage Therapy from the NorthWest School of Animal Massage.  I specialize in sports massage for the canine athlete and in animal rehabilitation massage for dog and cats recovering from injuries. 

JEMS Animal Massage Services does not diagnose, prognose or proscribe. Animal Massage Therapy is not a replacement for regular Veterinary Care.