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Benefits of Massage

​Massage has been used as a complimentary well-being service for animals since domesticity was first introduced. There are many well recorded, studied benefits for an animal, over and above basic enjoyment. Most dogs look forward to their massage and actively invite the massage specialist to touch and manipulate their body.


Some key benefits are: 
  • Lessens anxiety and tension

  • Increases relaxation and calmness

  • Speeds muscle recovery after exercise

  • Reduces recovery time after injury

  • Increases oxygenation of the blood

  • Pain relief

  • Improves immune system

  • Reduces arthritis, hip dysplasia and age-related discomfort

  • Maintains ease of movement, range of motion and flexibility

  • Uses gentle, non-invasive techniques to create a mind/body/spirit connection

When can massage help your dog?
  • Prevention of injury - especially for performance, competition or working dogs

  • As part of an injury rehabilitation program

  • Lifestyle transitions

  • Geriatric and end-of-life

When should you not utilize massage with your dog?
  • ​Illness - fever, acute stage of viral disease or infectious disease, systemic infection

  • Skin problems - open or healing wounds, calcification of soft tissue, other skin problems (consult your veterinarian)

  • Pregnancy - 1st or 3rd trimester

If there is any doubt as to whether an animal should be massaged or not, a consultation with the attending veterinarian is required.

Happy, relaxed labrador retriever after a massage
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