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Services and Rates

JEMS Animal Massage Services specializes in the support of the canine athlete through all stages of the dog's career.  Whether you are just starting out and your dog is using muscles at a higher level than before or you need to help prevent injury during the long competition season, having a regular massage as part of your training routine will help extend you dog's career by decreasing the risk of injury and speeding the recovery time between shows or trials.


JEMS Animal Massage Services is the highly trained and experienced canine massage specialist for The Spaw in Aldergrove, BC.  There are regular appointments available Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday at The Spaw. Please call or book online to secure your preferred appointment.

Canine Massage Rates

30 minute massage - $55

Pre-Paid Canine Massage Packages

3 massages (30 minutes) - $150

5 massages (30 minutes) - $250

Jolena Kuec getting kisses from a happy client dog
Jolena Kusec with happy dog
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